Most of us - myself included - have grown to be very reliant on our smart phones. So, it should come as no surprise that when I damaged my iPhone recently, I had a feeling of helplessness similar to being bedridden with the flu.

I was trying to text a coworker while doing the dishes recently, when I drowned my iPhone in dishwater. My heart sank as quickly as my favorite piece of technology did to the bottom of soapy water. I quickly tried to rescue it, but the damage had been done.

After several hours of panic, waiting for my iPhone to dry out and see if it would work, I realized it was a lost cause. There was nothing I could do to rescue this wonderful gadget that has been no more than an arms length from me since the moment I bought it. It was time for one last resort, before breaking down and spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone. I began the process of calling around to the iPhone repair stores in Abilene.

Although I've had an iPhone for around 3 years, I've never damaged one like this. So calling a local iPhone repair store was a new experience for me.There are choices in Abilene, including iPhone Medix, Jon's iPhone Repair, and Abilene iPhone Repair.

I called them all, and wound up going to Abilene iPhone Repair. They told me I could bring my phone to them right away, and based on what I told them, they said it would take only a couple hours to repair, and my beloved smart phone would be back to normal. The cost? About 50 bucks. Not bad.

Abilene iPhone Repair store front
Facebook, Abilene iPhone Repair

In the end, was pleasantly surprised with the results I got. My iPhone is back to normal, and so is my life

If you've ever baptized your smart phone in dishwater, know that you have options. iPhone repair stores might not be able to repair every broken phone, but it's worth making a call and trying to rescue the one you have if you can, before spending the cash to replace it altogether.

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