Back in college before graduation, a buddy of mine wanted to travel all over the Great State of Texas before landing his first big job. He was seriously considering living out of his car to cut down on expenses and wondering if it was legal to do so.

Whether you're trying to curtail living costs or simply resting on the side of the road, it got me wondering. Is it a no-go to sleep in your car if you live in Texas?

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The truth is certain states have different rules and regulations. According to Vehicle Freak, if you're driving through states like Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, it is against the law to sleep in your vehicle.

Great news for Texas, however. My Vehicle Talk states that if you're driving through Texas, there are no laws that say you cannot sleep in your car. There are some stipulations though. It's obviously not a good idea to be sleeping off intoxication in your car, as you could be arrested for that. You also can't be snoozing in the driver's seat with the seatbelt fastened.

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If you need some rest on the road, Texas has designated areas to sleep in your vehicle. They include:

  • Some state parks with special areas for overnight sleeping/camping.
  • Rest stops located next to major highways. These are popular places for travelers and truckers alike to catch some shuteye.

Some retail stores will actually let you use their parking lots to sleep in as long as it's less than 24 hours. If you find yourself needing to sleep in your vehicle, there are precautions you should take in order to have a safe road experience.

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