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First off I do not believe that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a fan of cold weather. Furthermore, Governor Abbott did not like in the least slight bit the way our Texas resources responded and or reacted to the last snowpocalypse we had in the Lone Star State in 2021 or 2022.

We have all heard "third times the charm" and I genuinely believe that Governor Abbott is not gonna stand idly by and watch as our State attempts to survive another severe cold weather bout. With that said Governor Abbott has called on all of the Texas emergency response resources to be ready to mobilize.

With this cold snap, The Governor is making sure that the State Operations Center (SOC) for Winter Weather is ready to respond and help Texans through the winter weather as it affects large portions of the Lone Star State. Additionally, Abbott wants to be sure that the agencies are all ready to respond from now through the end of this cold snap.

The call was made earlier this morning by the Governor as he directed the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) to be at Readiness Level II (Escalated Response).

“The State of Texas is working tirelessly to ensure Texans and their communities have the resources, assistance, and support needed to respond to winter weather impacts across the state,” said Governor Abbott. "As we mobilize the resources Texans need to stay safe, I encourage everyone to remain weather-aware, check DriveTexas.org before traveling, and heed the guidance from local officials. I want to thank all the first responders and emergency management personnel helping Texas communities prepare and stay safe during this severe weather." Source: Texas Gov. Abbott Press Release

With more abnormally cold weather still on the way and the rest of the winter season still to come, these are the Texas state agencies that have been requested by TDEM to report to the SOC:

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
  • Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
  • Texas A&M Forest Service
  • Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)
  • Texas Health and Human Services Commission
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
  • Texas Animal Health Commission
  • Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service
  • Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC)
  • Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC)
  • Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Texas National Guard
  • Texas Education Agency
  • Texas Department of Information Resources

The State Highway Department is Preparing the Roads for ice

One thing that I've noticed when I'm out driving around on the state highways and interstates is the State Highway Department preparing all the bridges and overpasses for any frozen precipitation. So, before traveling anywhere in the state one can check on the road conditions by going to drivetexas.org. Source: Office of Texas Governor

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