Okay, so I got curious and called my friend Sergeant Marc Couch with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and asked if there would be added law enforcement on the roads during the Super Bowl weekend. He said "The Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers will not be alone during the big game weekend. There will also be local police departments and sheriff's deputies out on patrol as well."

As I've always advised anyone who is going to have an adult beverage, "Keep safety in mind and call someone to give you a ride home or stay where you're at until the next day." Please DO NOT drink and drive.

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I also reached out to the Sheriff's Office and the Police Department and was informed by both agencies that, while there is always a good amount of patrols on the streets, there will also be heightened security through Super Bowl weekend, primarily for DUIs and DWIs.

The Sheriff's Office said they would also be on the lookout for distracted drivers and those who are not seat belted in. I learned that West Texas, from Amarillo to El Paso, has experienced a high number of fatal crashes in the last 12 months; nearly all the fatalities were due to people not being seat-belted in.

With the addition of the new DWI/DUI laws wherein an innocent person is killed in a car crash caused by a DWI/DUI driver, that driver will be responsible for child support payments of the deceased person's children until that child is 18 or graduates from college.

Texas DPS will be increasing enforcement efforts during designated periods throughout the weekend. DPS Sergeant Mark Couch says, "the DPS is reminding everyone that safety always comes first, and we all need to do our part to keep roads safe, and that is why Troopers will be out ensuring everyone is following the traffic laws.”
Source: Sgt. Mark Couch, Texas DPS Education PIO

Throughout the Lone Star State, law enforcement will be concentrating on keeping our streets safe and clear of drunk drivers or drivers under the influence.

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