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Recently the online magazine WebMD released their latest report on the top foods that can affect and even improve our sexual health. While this first appears to be a "sex thing" it's more about our internal and reproductive organs and more importantly how to keep them healthier as we age.

This latest study found that there are several different foods that can and do potentially affect sexual function and desire in our bodies. The Texas Health and Human Services (THHS) offers several different avenues to learn more about and work towards a healthier lifestyle. The best way to start is by staying and eating healthy. Plus, Including some of these foods in your daily life.

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Fortunately, all these foods can be found in Texas and the very first one is a huge Texas favorite. Avacado is number one and it's full of heart-healthy fibers and fats. Then there's the pomegranate a fruit-based food that improves blood flow and raises testosterone levels in men.

The third one has been said to be the love food for years. Oysters are full of zinc and zinc helps raise testosterone levels. The strawberries are next offering vitamin C, which helps in reducing stress and anxiety releasing more oxytocin. Fatty Fish offers lots of omega-3s, while watermelon, yes, watermelon offers an amino acid called citrulline that helps relax blood vessels.

Rounding out the top nine are spinach which brings in the magnesium and iron that help the liver and kidneys. The chocolate, preferably dark chocolate will release something called serotonin, a hormone that brings on feelings of happiness.

Finally, number nine is the tea or coffee, yes a glass of red wine would help but one glass is hard to stick with so better go the safe route by sticking with coffee and/or tea. Remember that coffee and tea give you antioxidants that will keep you healthy.

So, if you can make a full meal with all the above mentioned, you are bound to have a very exciting time. All the foods are what WebMD says are the "Best Foods to Eat Before Sex." Bonappétit y'all. Sources: WebMDTexas Health and Human Services

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