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Watch where you walk if you're headed to the Texas coastline for some summer sun because rattlesnakes love Texas beaches too! 

You've heard of the movie, 'Snakes On A Plane' but thanks to the sunny summer weather, we have ' Snakes On A Beach' to watch (out for) too.

Rattlesnakes are on the move in the thousands during summertime! Suns out? Snakes out!


And that means we're not the only ones who enjoy taking in some sun on the beaches in Texas this summer!

Rattlesnakes love Texas beach dunes!

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In this Youtube video, below compliments of KRIS6, you can see reporter Seth Covar showing tourists a video of a rattlesnake making his way back to the dunes he calls home by Bob Hall Pier in Corpus.

Many were shocked! Texans? Not so much.

If you know someone who is traveling to Texas beaches, please warn them that thousands of rattlesnakes live on the dunes. 


There are actually SEVERAL species of snakes that are known to be attracted to the warm sand and sunshine along the coastline of South Texas but the Western or Texas diamondback is native to most parts of our state AND on the dunes of our most popular beaches.

Port A, Padre Island, and Galveston are just a few of the popular beaches rattlesnakes call home.

Western rattlesnake strike ready

Dr. Richard Henderson in the Galveston Wave reported in 2018 that " There are likely several thousand diamondback rattlesnakes that inhabit Galveston and Pelican Island."

What should you do if you are bitten by a rattlesnake?

If you are bitten by a snake, your first step is to call 911.

Be safe this summer and remember your fur babies should not play in the dunes either!

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