This is the most gentlemanly street fight ever. 

It’s weird because the two guys don’t appear to be upset with one another. I could be wrong about that, but it looks to me like they just decided to see who could win a fight with their legs bound together. 

While I don’t know what led to the fellas tying their legs together and throwing blows in a parking lot, that isn’t the number one question on my mind. I want to know why the hell they chose to tie their legs together in the first place.

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Maybe it’s a trend that I’m only just now learning about. Or maybe we just witnessed the birth of a new trend. Whatever the case may be, these two ruffians clearly think outside the box. 

So, next time you need to settle the score with someone, kindly offer to take it outside, tie your legs together, and try your hand at the latest trend in street fighting.

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