Heart played their first concert since 2019 when they took the stage at Southern California’s Yaamava' Resort & Casino on Wednesday night.

According to SetList.fm, the band's 12-song set kicked off with the title track to 1980's Bebe le Strange and featured a relatively equal mix of the band's '70s and '80s hits. They concluded with a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven."

See the complete set list and videos from the performance below.

Why Did Heart Take a Break?

Prior to the Yaamava show, Heart’s last concert took place Oct. 13, 2019 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Three years prior, Ann Wilson's husband was arrested for allegedly hitting one of Nancy Wilson's children, an incident which led to a hiatus for Heart. They joined forces once again for the 2019 tour, but many onlookers suspected there was lingering tension between the sisters. These rumors only grew louder as Heart took another break, with Ann pursuing solo work while Nancy toured under the name Nancy Wilson's Heart.

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Watch Heart Perform 'Magic Man'

Still, in 2022 Ann set the record straight and insisted there was no animosity between the sisters.

"It's a myth," the singer declared. "Nancy and I are OK with each other. We just have different ideas for what Heart should be, and we haven't figured out a compromise yet."

Earlier this year, Nancy confirmed that she and Ann were back working together, crafting material for Heart’s next album (their first since 2016). Then, in October, fans got their strongest sign yet that Heart was back when Ann brought out Nancy as a surprise guest at one of her solo concerts for a performance of "Barracuda."

Heart have two more 2023 performances remaining, including a special New Year’s Eve show in their hometown of Seattle. The group is also slotted to play a handful of dates with Journey and Def Leppard in 2024.

Heart, 12/27/23, Yaamava Casino, Highland, Calif. 
1. "Bebe le Strange"
2. "Never"
3. "Magic Man"
4. "Little Queen"
5. "Straight On"
6. "Let's Dance"
7. "These Dreams"
8. "Alone"
9. "What About Love"
10. "Crazy on You"
11. "Barracuda"
12. "Stairway to Heaven"

Watch Heart Perform 'Barracuda'

Heart Albums Ranked

This list of Heart Albums, Ranked Worst To Best, wasn't an easy one to compile, because unlike many long-running groups, the band has never made a bad record.

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