In a move destined to make you wish that J.K. Rowling was your mom, the author of the ‘Harry Potter’ series recently won permission to build two massive 40-foot high tree houses in her backyard at a cost of almost $395,000.

As part of renovations the author is conducting at her home in Edinburgh, Scotland, the two-story structures will sit on stilts and feature secret tunnels, balconies, a spiral staircase, a steel slide, a rope bridge and turreted roofs, creating a Hogwarts-style play area for her two youngest children — nine-year-old David and seven-year-old Mackenzie.

Not surprisingly, nearby residents lodged complaints with the Edinburgh City Council, claiming that the gigantic tree houses would be eyesores. The council ruled in Rowling’s favor, however, and gave her the green light to begin construction. Foolish muggles. Don’t they realize they have no power over the world of magic?

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