This may be enough to get Roger Waters to call his lawyers. Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, has uploaded a track called 'Melancholy,' in which he raps over Pink Floyd's song 'Breathe.'

The 16-year-old actor and rapper uploaded the song, which can be heard below, to his big sister Willow's Soundcloud account, and Complex Music thinks that might be her on vocals. Still, the focus is on Jaden's lyrics, in which he is, as Cole Porter once wrote, fighting vainly the old ennui. Apparently, being young, rich, handsome and from a famous family doesn't cut it anymore.

"But understand my only option is / To go to school and try to be friends with all these obnoxious kids / I don't hate you, I'm jealous of how you got to live / I'm sitting here in class and my teacher's about to pop a quiz," he raps soporifically. (We're mainly including these lyrics to prove to you that we've listened to the whole thing, by the way.)

We don't know why this exists. The best we've been able to come up with is that perhaps Jaden wanted to get even with classic rock for that time Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon-as-Neil Young sang Willow's 'Whip My Hair' in 2010. Whatever the reason, we are not getting jiggy with this.

You Think You Know Pink Floyd?

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