It’s no secret that former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson and owner Jerry Jones have been at odds for well over two decades. But, last year, that feud seemed to die down a bit as Jerry Jones himself announced to the world that Jimmy would finally be put into the Cowboys legendary ‘Ring of Honor’.

So far, that has not happened. In fact, the Hall of Fame coach might have put a damper on the whole thing with his latest comments.

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On a recent episode of The Herd With Colin Cowherd, Jimmy was asked about why Jerry is sticking with head coach Mike McCarthy. Johnson's reply?

“Jerry doesn’t ever want to admit he’s wrong. He’s going to hang with whoever and try to make it work.”

Here's Jimmy talking with Colin About Jerry Jones

That makes a ton of sense considering some of the moves the Dallas Cowboys have made over the past few decades. In fact, it's my belief that if it were not for Jerry's ego, Jimmy would not have ever left the Cowboys and we'd probably have a few more Lombardi trophies in the case.

I agree with Jimmy completely with his assessment of Jerry. Jerry is his own worst enemy. There are a ton of moves that Jerry has made over the years that Cowboys critics and fans have questioned. Heck, I still believe McCarthy should have already been sent packing.

Don't get me wrong. I have mad respect for Jerry Jones for the way he has marketed and branded the Cowboys. Plus, he has been an innovator in the NFL. But, until he admits to being wrong, and strives to make those tough decisions to change things up for the better, I'm afraid we'll always live in a town of mediocrity.

Man, I miss Jimmy Johnson as our head coach.

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