The Dallas Cowboys didn't really start the season off with a bang, losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-3 in what was a huge disappointment for players and fans.

In the midst of it all, the Cowboys lost starting quarterback Dak Prescott when he broke his thumb. That was a huge blow for the Cowboys who had high expectations. However, I have news for you. There are things more broken than Dak's thumb.

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To be fair (or unfair depending on how you look at it) Dak was having a horrible game before he broke his thumb. He completed 14 out of 29 passes for 134 yards and had a pick. So it's not like that really determined the outcome. In fact, Cooper Rush stepped in and actually threw the ball better, going 7-13 for 64 yards.

Fun fact: The Dallas Cowboys were the <em>only</em> NFL team in week 1 that <em>didn't</em> score a touchdown. Ouch!

The point is, that there are way more problems than Dak's broken thumb, which has since been surgically repaired. Let's dive into 10 of them.

10 Things More Broken for the Dallas Cowboys Than Dak's Thumb

Now, I won't bash my team without giving some positive notes too. The defense, other than the secondary, looked pretty good. They held the Bucs to mostly field goals and one touchdown. We just couldn't stop the run as much as we should have. So, not too shabby. I mean you can't expect the defense to hold up like that all game, especially when the offense can't score.

So, yeah, maybe Dak's lack of accuracy was on full display in week 1 of the NFL season. But there seems to be bigger fish to fry when it comes to the rest of the team, and coaching staff.

Again, this is only week 1. But if things don't get better for the whole team, we Cowboys fans may have to pull out the brown paper bags to cover our heads. It's tough being a Cowboys fan, right?

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