Imagine for a moment how awesome it would be to have Kelly Clarkson as a stepmom.

Now imagine how awesome it would be to have Kelly Clarkson as a mom. Pretty rad, right? And for some lucky kids, if 'Miss Independent' herself has her way, it'll happen soon!

Clarkson is already acting as a stepmom to her fiance Brandon Blackstock's two children, and she gets along great with them -- which is good, because the feisty 'American Idol' winner calls it as she sees it, and you know she wouldn't let them get away with any nonsense.

"They are so awesome," Clarkson gushed to Country Weekly of her stepkids. "I lucked out, 'cause I know -- I have friends, people who have stinkers!" she laughed. "They get married, and it's like, 'Oh!'"

Clarkson revealed that her 12-year-old stepdaughter is totally game for another sibling. "Savannah, the 12-year-old, is like, 'I want a little sister,'" Clarkson said with a smile. "She's so excited."

So how is the 'Stronger' singer preparing for a bambina? "It's all about just making my body the most healthy inside out," she said. "And I'm reading all these books!"

We can't wait to see those baby pics -- and we bet Kel would make an amazing mom. Best of luck to the happy (and hopefully growing) family!

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