Dan Peek, formerly of the band 'America' died on July 24th at the age of 60. We now have some more information on the circumstances.  He died in his sleep.  His wife found him dead in bed according to Peek's father Milton, who spoke with the Asscociated Press.  As of this update, an autopsy had been performed with no results available as of yet. For the updated information you can click on the link where I sourced it at articles.latimes.com.  And for a short bio on Dan Peek and and awesome video of his signature song with America, click below to read more and view.

Dan Peek was with America on their first seven albums before converting to Christianity and leaving the band at its pinnacle of success in 1977.  His distinctive voice is the lead vocal on the America hit 'Lonely People'.  I'm hoping to get more information soon, and when I do I will update this post.

Dan had several Christian albums after his departure from America, and all are quite good.  He has lived a very quiet life out of the public spotlight for the past two decades.  Check out this video of Dan performing 'Lonely People' with America.  He will be missed:  (via DanPeek.com)