Neighbors in a town in Idaho called police on a man wearing a bunny suit. The man was seen peeking out from behind a tree and scaring a young girl. When police arrived, they found 34-year old William Falkingham dressed as a bunny. He was asked by police NOT to wear the suit in public. Falkingham indicated that he wasn't out to scare anybody, he just likes dressing up as a king sized rabbit.


Reports from the neighborhood indicated this is not the first time police had to be called to the area. Residents said that sometimes Falkingham could be seen wearing the suit along with a ballerina tutu. Now I don't what this guy is really up to, but it can't be good, right!?!? Falkingham promised police that he would only wear the suit in the privacy of his home from now on. I think that's probably a good idea, don't you? (via  Here's a video of the cuckoo bunny himself: