As you might have heard, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been killed. While the news came as a surprise, Gaddafi’s death was actually predicted by the short-lived, late 80s’ sitcom ‘Second Chance‘ in an episode set in the far-flung future year of 2011. Creepy! 

‘Second Chance,’ which aired from 1987-1988, involved a man who dies in a hovercraft accident in the year 2011, only to come back to life in 1987 to help the younger version of himself make things right. (Matthew Perry played the younger version.)

In the pilot episode, which aired in September of 1987, a scene set in heaven involves a gag where Gaddafi (then the numero uno real-world bad guy) is said to have died in the year 2011. His punishment from St. Peter? He’s forced to live for eternity as a bomb. Back then, the studio audience went nuts. Today, we have Twitter jokes. Is the world really all that different?

While ‘Second Chance’ didn’t last long (it was later retooled as the generic guy sitcom ‘Boys Will Be Boys’), it did have the foresight to both cast a future ‘Friends’ star and predict the exact year of Gaddafi’s death 24 years before it occurred. Not bad for a forgotten ’80s sitcom. Your move, ‘It’s Your Move.’

Watch the eerily accurate prediction below.

[via Reddit]

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