Metal legends Metallica will soon begin working on the follow-up to 2008′s ‘Death Magnetic.’ Drummer Lars Ulrich told a group of reporters that the band will focus on creating new material as soon as they have wrapped up their current projects.

“Pretty much when we’re done with the [3D] movie [project] and with Outside Lands (concert), which should all be wrapped up by early September,” he said. “We’re gonna basically just concentrate on new music and try to get another Metallica record [done].”

Back in May, the band said they would once again work with Rick Rubin to produce the album. However, the band are currently without a label. ‘Death Magnetic’ was their last for Warner. Frontman James Hetfield sees this as a great opportunity for the band.

“It is what it is” he said. “And when it becomes time for us to either renegotiate or shop around or do things ourselves or something like that, we don’t know. There’s nothing but options, which is great.”

In front of Metallica is the Outside Lands Festival, which they’ll be headlining from Aug. 10-12 with Neil Young and Stevie Wonder. That will be followed by the filming of the 3D concert film to which Ulrich alluded above on Aug. 24 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

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