Are you a Fantasy Football player? Usually it's the guys that are really into this, but move over men cause the women are loving this, too.

According to a recent survey published on PRNewswire 25 percent of the Fantasy Football players are now women:

"We're seeing a small, steady trend showing the rate that women are playing Fantasy Football is growing faster than that among Fantasy Football players in general," said Lance Henik, Senior Account Manager at Leger, The Research Intelligence Group. "According to the Fantasy Sports Trade association, approximately 20 percent of all fantasy players in 2011/2012 season were women. The results from our 2013 poll showed 23 percent of Fantasy Football players were women, with our latest poll results currently showing that 25 percent of them are women."

Personally, I really can't get into the Fantasy Football thing, I mean really? I can't even get into real football. So, not me, but don't stop reading here!

The study also shows that out of those women most have a full time job and they are from a household with an income of $100,000 or more. What? Okay, maybe I need to rethink this thing and start playing myself!

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