One thing is for sure, The Lone Star State is no stranger to the supernatural. It has always had a long history of spooky tales and unexplained phenomena. One of my favorites of these is the ghost lights that have been reported throughout parts of Texas.

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These eerie lights seem to float and flicker in the darkness, sometimes hovering above the ground or following the path of a road. Numerous attempts to explain them have been made, but the ghost lights of Texas are a fascinating matter that continues to baffle both skeptics and believers. The website Only In Your State discusses 3 of these mysterious ghost lights.


Marfa Lights

The small west Texas town of Marfa is known for its captivating and elusive phenomenon, the Marfa Lights. For as long as I can remember, these mysterious orbs of light have mesmerized both visitors and locals. They seem to appear on the horizon with no apparent explanation. Some folks describe them as flickering lanterns, while others believe they are spirits reaching out from beyond. Despite scientific investigations and numerous eyewitness accounts, the cause of these Marfa Lights remains uncertain.


Bragg Lights (Saratoga)

In the rural town of Saratoga, a phenomenon known as the Bragg Lights glows in the surrounding marshes and forests. These lights, named after the nearby Bragg Road, have puzzled the locals for years. Folks describe them as floating orbs or flickering lanterns that mysteriously appear at night and then vanish without a trace. Some believe the lights are the spirits of long-departed railroad workers, while others think there's more of a natural explanation. Despite many investigations, the Bragg Lights continue to baffle visitors.


Anson Lights

Not too far from Abilene in the heart of Jones County is the small town of Anson. It holds a chilling secret: the Anson Lights. These mysterious lights have perplexed residents and visitors for decades. They appear as distant glowing orbs, hovering in the darkness. There are those who say they are the restless spirits of Native American warriors, while others think they involve natural gases or electrical phenomena.

These ghost lights of Texas are among the mysteries that surround the state. These ghost lights definitely stir up curiosity. Science has tried to debunk these lights, but the mystery remains. I guess even in today's world there are plenty of things that defy explanation.

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