Mr. Sulu is getting his own spotlight in the stage world. Thankfully, it’s not ‘To Boldly Go: The Star Trek Musical.’

Actor George Takei’s life has served as the inspiration for a new stage musical called ‘Allegiance,’ according to NPR.

Takei grew up during World War II in Los Angeles, Calif. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in 1941, he and his family were forced to live in Japanese internment camps. Those experiences and stories in the camps are the basis of the musical.

Takei plays Ojii-San, a grandfather of one of the families in the internment camp, and Sam Kimura, a present day man recalling his time in the internment camps. His present day character is also a veteran who joined the war effort after his incarceration.

Takei told NPR that he sees this musical as “my legacy project”:

“The story is very important to me and it’s been my mission in life to raise Americans’ awareness of that shameful chapter of American history,” he said. “I think we learn more from those times in our history where we stumbled as a democracy than we learn from the glorious chapters.”

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