Paul McCartney reflected on what he’d taken from Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back documentary, saying it offered him a new perspective on John Lennon.

The three-part work is built from material recorded as the band worked on its final studio project before splitting in 1970. George Harrison temporarily quit during the sessions, as his frustration about being overlooked as a songwriter boiled over. The moments are detailed in the documentary.

McCartney said Harrison was right to leave, telling The New Yorker about an early conversation with Lennon: “I remember … saying to John, ‘Look, you know, it should just be you and me who are the writers. We never said, ‘Let’s keep George out of it,’ but it was implied.”

He's previously said Get Back proves the real story behind the making of the album was different from the one told in the original 1969 movie Let It Be, which helped fuel public perception that he was to blame for the group’s demise. “The elder brother does shout at the younger brother, and then they have fisticuffs or whatever,” he said of his relationship with Lennon. “It’s all very natural. ... Buying into this myth that I was the bad one, it bothered me for years. But I sort of feel like it doesn’t bother me now, because I feel like a lot of people sort of get it.”

McCartney listed another positive from Jackson’s version of events. “Whenever I was in the band, playing live, I’d be facing out,” he said. “John was to the left or to the right of me, so I never got to sort of see him perform so much. Except in the film. And there he is in massive close-up. I can study everything about him.”

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