You may have seen the news recently that Peter Frampton recovered the iconic Les Paul guitar he used on the live shows for 'Frampton Comes Alive' after it had been lost for over 30 years.  The black Les Paul electric was in rough shape when Frampton got it back.  In fact, it had survived a cargo plane crash.  But he says that the guitar will be completely restored and he will be documenting the whole process.  Frampton posted on his Facebook page:

"My dear friend, Mike McGuire has been working on the at the Gibson custom shop. We are not changing the appearance just making it playable and cleaning it up a bit. There are some cracks in the headstock that need gluing and every screw hole has to be filled. I guess as screws were lost they looked in the kitchen drawer and said, "This'll do". The frets were in really bad shape mainly in 1st position. (Lots of C, F, G and E, A, D playing I guess. lol.) The great luthier, Joe Glaser, tenderly changed the frets for almost the same ones as were originally on the guitar. I must also thank my good buddies, Phil Bennet and Gordon Kennedy, for coming to the rescue with NOS guitar parts. Caps and pots etc. needed replacing. The electronics were shot but these time sensitive special pieces will be fantastic in bringing it back to it's old self.

I did finally speak with Marc Mariana, who actually gave me the guitar in the first place. I could hear him smiling on the other end of the phone. It's so great to be able to share this great news with him. I will be able to see him in CA during the upcoming tour.

We are documenting every stage of the guitar's convalescence with photos and video. It's the only reality show where you will ever find me!"

Check out an NPR video chronicling the recovery of the guitar with some great photos and an interview with Frampton!:

To see more on the story, go to Have you ever lost a treasured item for a long time and then had it returned?