I've tried to tell my bosses for years that playing computer games is good for me; now I have proof. However, the type of game is really what makes the difference in whether or not it's actually beneficial to your health.

I don't think Farmville counts but there are some games that studies say can improve your mental well-being. The software called My Brain Solutions provide games to help with concentration and focus, positive thinking, and stress management.

Employees who participated in the study seemed to have lower anxiety, depression and stress. Plus, there was an increase in productivity. Some companies who's employees participate in the games also found absenteeism was lower.

So here's how it works.  You take a 30 minute computer-based assessment which analyzes your brain functions, like memory, attention and emotion.Then certain games are suggested to help you strengthen your weak points. Each level you complete becomes more challenging.

Like I said, my farming may not really help with any of these but it is relaxing.  So the next time your boss walks by and you're playing a game, don't worry, just tell them you are working on your mental health!

So, do you play games at work? Is it on the sly or do your bosses care?


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