As we eagerly await the third season of IFC's quirky sketch comedy series 'Portlandia' -- or for that matter any of our favorite shows before their return -- one universal rule of TV should always be observed: no spoilers! Even for a series close to decade old, spoilers are to be regarded with the highest of care, something even 'Portlandia' knows all too well. So what spoilers are teased in the latest clip from season 3? Find out inside, along with what Rosanne Barr will get up to in her visit! Spoilers a-plenty!

We're just days away from the January 4 return of IFC's Fred Armisen/Carrie Brownstein-fronted 'Portlandia,' but we wouldn't dare ply you with any spoilers. Fred and Carrie on the other hand, might not be so gracious. Entertainment Weekly today released an all-new clip from the season, focusing on the ever-sensitive subject of TV spoiler alerts, from 'Dexter,' to 'Game of Thrones' and beyond. Be warned, the clip actually does spoil a significant death from 'The Wire!'

Additionally, the outlet obtained photos of comedienne Roseanne Barr's upcoming appearance on the series, complete with spoilers of her character from star and creator Fred Armisen:

The mayor of Portland (Kyle MacLachlan) disappears, and through a temp agency, she fills in as mayor. She does things in the most efficient way. Because the character didn’t grow up in Portland, she doesn’t have the same understanding of how things go. She’s more like, ‘Look, this is a city, so we have to do those things that cities do.’ We wanted an outsider to come in and say, ‘What is this place?’

‘Portlandia’ season 3 will see the likes of Juliette Lewis, Patton Oswalt (also soon to appear in ‘Justified‘ and ‘The Newsroom‘), Rose Byrne, George Wendt, ‘SNL’ stars Bill Hader and Bobby Moynihan, Jim Gaffigan, Matt Berry, Matt Lucas, J. Mascis, Dirty Projectors, and even tennis great Martina Navratilova. The season also boasts more regular appearances from Chloe Sevigny, and return spots from Kyle MacLachlan, Jeff Goldblum and Kumail Nanjiani.

Check out a new sketch from 'Portlandia' season 3 below, as well as a photo of Roseanne in character, and tell us if you'll watch the January 4 premiere in the comments!

Portlandia Season 3 Spoilers Roseanne
IFC / Entertainment Weekly

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