Abilene is not known for its massive snowfall amounts but I do know this: it gets cold. And when it's cold for me, I know it's cold for my pets too. Temperatures may be on the mild side now but winter months are coming, so it's best to be prepared in protecting your pets from the cold.

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The ASPCA knows a lot about the care needed by our furry friends. A recent article states that a pet's exposure to cold, dry air can cause chapped paws and itchy skin, but effects don't stop there. To help prevent cold-weather dangers from affecting your pet, these experts have listed out some tips and advice. See if you're practicing any of these with your pets.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Humidify Your Home and Towel Dry Your Pet

Entering a heated home from the cold outside air throughout the day can cause itchy, flaky skin. Try humidifying your home, and towel-drying your pet when they come inside from snow and ice.

Bathe Pets as Little as Possible During the Winter Season

Washing your pet too much can remove naturally protective oils from their body, which can lead to dry, flaky skin.

Photo: Shelley Edmondson
Photo: Shelley Edmondson

Never Shave Your Dog Down to the Skin

Longer coats provide better warmth. For even more protection - and fun - dress your pet in a sweater.

Protect Those Paws

Rubbing petroleum jelly or other protectants into paws will help guard against irritation. Use pet-friendly ice melts on your property.

Feed Your Pet a Little Extra

Your pet burns extra calories trying to stay warm in the cold months. Feeding your pet a little more than usual can provide those calories they need.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Be Careful With Antifreeze

Be sure to immediately clean up any spills, as these chemicals are lethal to dogs and cats. Consider using propylene glycol products.

Provide a Cozy Place to Sleep

Make sure your pet has a warm place to sleep away from any drafts. A dog or cat bed with a blanket is a good route to take.

If It's Too Cold for You, It's Too Cold for Them

Please keep your pets inside as much as possible. Leaving them outside in frigid temps can result in them becoming disoriented, injured, or worse.

Most of us love our pets like family. These are a few simple reminders to help keep your furbaby cozy and safe this year. As for my house, thanks to the tips above, Buck and Peep are all set for the winter months.

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