Some 'fans' got into it in the tailgating area of the Miners' stadium in El Paso over the weekend. A major brawl broke out for some reason and about 50 people got involved in one way or another.

A couple of people go down and appear to be really injured. There'a a few sucker punches and more than a few curse words yelled out at random. But MY question is: "Where are the security guys???"

If this had happened in the parking lot at Jones AT&T Stadium, cops would have been there in SECONDS and the majority of these people would have been arrested!

I've watched the video several times and I never spot anyone with Texas Tech apparel on. There IS one person wearing a red shirt with black pants, but I can't tell if there's a Red Raider emblem anywhere. Watch for yourself and tell me if you spot a Red Raider...

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