It already has doomsayers making end-of-the-world predictions, but the explanation is a little more scientific than Biblical. The OC Fisher reservoir lake near San Angelo is almost completely dry due to the extreme drought across all of Texas. The water that's left, only a small amount, is indeed blood red due to Chromatiaceae bacteria, which thrive in oxygen depleted water.

The lake is also full of dead fish. Not a pretty sight or smell. The photo here, taken from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries site shows the vivid red color of the reservoir, what's left of it anyway.

It's a scene that is all too common across the southern half of the United States, and even in northern states, they are experiencing record breaking heat. In fact, July statistics showed record heat in all 50 states. July temperatures in the entire U.S. either tied or shattered record highs from previous years. (via

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