Alright, I understand it’s good for kids to eat healthy at school, but I think the public schools in Portland Maine have lost it! They will no longer serve cokes at football games, and will offer  healthier options to eat like…are ya ready? Hummus and vegetables! Hey, don’t get me wrong I like that stuff, but at a football game? Bring on the cokes and junk food!

The schools will also no longer be serving pizza in the cafeteria (unless it’s whole-grain), no more cupcake parties or other high-calorie snacks or sugary drinks.  This policy includes school events like football games and dances.

Friday night football games? Burgers and hot dogs will still be available, but you’ll be encouraged to eat baked potato chips, reduced fat string cheese, sunflower seeds and hummus.  Oh, joy!

Other foods approved for sporting events are whole-grain soft pretzels, fruit, air-popped popcorn and vegetables.

According to Fox News, Chanda Turner, Portland’s school health coordinator says:

Prepared foods like burgers and hot dogs are still allowed but only if vendors provide a healthy alternative. For example, if you sell a cheeseburger, you have to provide whole fruit.

“You can have pizza but try to make it whole grain and lower fat cheese,” she said. “Find that balance.”

“During the school day it (nachos) would have to meet the school lunch standards,” she said. “It’s a much more complicated formula. If you’re talking about a tortilla chip that’s baked, if you’re talking about a cheese sauce made more naturally, perhaps with low fat (cheese), I could see where you might be able to get nachos that meet (the guidelines). But you’d have to do a lot of work to do that.”

For now, kids and staff members, can bring food and drinks for their own consumption. Well, I guess until they start frisking you for that snickers in your pocket.

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