A year removed from swapping the school start times for elementary and high school children, the Seattle School District says it's been a success.

School district officials last year had elementary schools starting as late as 9:30am, while high school and some middle schools began at least 90 minutes or more earlier. However, now officials are seeing success from actually starting the little ones at 7:55am.

Despite the theory that little kids need a lot of sleep as well as teens, school officials say they've seen more energy among the little ones, and the earlier start seems to help them get through the day better. Now, of course this is predicated upon the children getting to bed at a decent hour. But officials say in the past, the elementary school children seemed to 'hit the wall' in the afternoon, perhaps around what would be considered nap time.

Meanwhile, allowing teens some extra time in the morning, sleep, they too are benefiting with better overall academic performance, according to the Seattle Times.

But some parents are not on board with the idea, while others favor it. One group of late-start elementary parents area pushing for their schools to also adopt the idea. Not all elementary schools in the district changed their start times, about 15 percent kept the old times as a cost saving measure related to busing.

Do you think such changes would help students in the Mid-Columbia?

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