Self-described "old fashioned Southern belle" Selena Gomez wants a man -- not a boy! The 'Stars Dance' singer revealed that she'd love to date an older man ... but they'd have to approach her first.

When Ryan Seacrest asked Gomez if she'd ever date an older guy, she gushed, "Yes! I want to. Goodness! I'm 21, so I would like somebody that maybe would be like 25, 26 — that would be nice."

Gomez admitted that dating on the road is tough, not just because of scheduling, but because guys never ask her out!

"I think it works different for female artists or at least it does for me because I actually don’t do any of that," she told Seacrest. "Don't get me wrong, if a guy has the courage to ask me out, maybe I would. But I'm old-fashioned. I like when guys come to me."

You hear that, fellas? If you're ready, go and get it!

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