FX has had a difficult time getting animated comedies off the ground apart from 'Archer,' as their most recent effort 'Unsupervised' floundered in both ratings and reviews, but their latest project should have none of those troubles. 'This is the End' funnyman Seth Rogen has partnered with FX and Evan Goldberg to bring to life an animated comedy based on the works of Graham Roumieu's faux autobiographical Bigfoot book 'In Me Own Words, Me Write Book,' but will FX capture that ever-elusive animated success?

FX may have a whole new network to spin off in the near future, but will an animated 'Bigfoot' lead the charge? That's the question posed by The Hollywood Reporter today, revealing that upcoming 'Arrested Development' star Seth Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg have signed on to executive produce new animated FX series 'Bigfoot,' based on the humorous Graham Roumieu books 'In Me Own Words, Me Write Book' and 'Bigfoot: I Not Dead.'

For those unfamiliar, 'Bigfoot' follows its titular character as a bipolar hopeless romantic who lacks the capacity to properly express himself as he lives in both the human and animal worlds of Pine Falls, but fails to fit into either. 'American Dad' writer and supervising producer Matt McKenna will write and executive produce the project.

No word yet on whether 'Bigfoot' would be spotted on FX or FXX, or if Rogen might lend voice to the series, but what say you? Would you be interested in a 'Bigfoot' animated series on FX?

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