Claire Ryann a little firecracker with an adorable face and voice to match and she's taking social media by storm. Her current video 'You've Got a Friend in Me' already has over 3 million YouTube views and about 10 times that on Facebook.

She is just 4 years old and she already has her own YouTube channel, has auditioned for movies (one of which she can't talk about yet) and has made numerous TV and radio appearances.

As you will see in the video above Claire, and her family, have been quite busy this year traveling the US singing. A year ago this little girl was an unknown, but her dad started featuring her singing videos on a YouTube channel. Those went viral and landed Claire some amazing opportunities.

She even took a little time out to work as a Presidential Speechwriter too. She has some great ideas for the country and Donald Trumpet!

To see more of this little angel check out her YouTube Channel here.

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