As we’ve learned multiple times over the course of the years, the best kept secrets of studios can often be spoiled in the most mundane ways. Like how action figures or LEGO sets reveal our first looks at new characters or big action scenes. Or, how registering a URL for your film’s official site can reveal the top secret title. It’s happened before to Star Wars and James Bond movies, and it may have happened again with the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

The BBC noticed that Sony Pictures just recently registered the domain last week, which would seemingly indicate that the new Spider-Man movie will be called Spider-Man: Homecoming.

(UPDATE: The BBC has updated to note that Sony has also registered the URLs, and, all of which are horrible titles for movie, but could very well be Sony trying to throw fans off the scene of the real title.)

Comic book fans will almost immediately recognize that title of the iconic Spidey issue “Amazing Spider-Man #252” which first introduced the black symbiote costume that would eventually become Venom, in a Spider-Man comic. While the issue does feature appearances by Captain America, Iron Man and Thor (likely one of them would appear in the reboot), not much else of excitement happens. It’s mostly a bridge from “Secret Wars” (where Spidey first picked up the alien symbiote battling The Beyonder) back to the normal goings-on in New York City. It would seem unlikely they’d be able to make an entire film out of this comic, especially given that Spider-Man wouldn’t have his black costume yet.

The Homecoming could more likely be a nod to Peter Parker’s high school career. The film has been described as a superhero movie by way of John Hughes (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), so expect a lot of the action to be centered around Peter’s high school career.

Though it’s still a Sony Pictures movie, the new Spider-Man reboot will be the first under the new partnership with Marvel Studios that will have Kevin Fiege taking a more active role in the film’s production. Spider-Man will be appearing in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War and Marvel characters will be appearing in Sony’s Spider-Man.

Spider-Man (Whatever It’s Called) hits theaters on July 7, 2017.

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