The critical tempering of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' only emboldened chatter the franchise should look to make a TV return in the future, and while Paramount seems adamant about keeping 'Star Trek' in theaters, we've got the next best thing. FX will adapt meta spoof novel 'Redshirts' into a limited series, bringing author John Scalzi's parody vision to life.

For those unfamiliar with the 2012 novel, 'Redshirts' takes place in the 25th century, borrowing the infamous "redshirt" trope of 'Star Trek' that dictates unfamiliar crew members are often killed to heighten an episode's tension. The 'Redshirts' narrative itself follows the adventures of five new recruits on the Starship Intrepid, who become aware that the ship’s crewmembers have begun to die at an usual rate. Eventually, the five discover that a 21st century sci-fi television show has begun intruding upon and warping their reality, effectively pulling their own lives beyond control.

Via Deadline, Jon Shestack ('Dan In Real Life') and producer/director Ken Kwapis will develop an adaptation of the 2013 Hugo Award winner with partner Alexandra Beattie, with an eye toward the limited series format. Kwapis himself will direct the inaugural episode, while the search for writers has already gotten underway. “Redshirts is a madcap, hyper-meta tale,” Shestack said of the production. Adds Kwapis, “If Jorge Luis Borges had been a staff writer on the original Star Trek, he would no doubt have concocted a story like Redshirts.”

Well, what do you think? Does a 'Star Trek' parody series sound too out there for FX, or light the way for more high-profile future sci-fi? Would you watch a 'Redshirts' limited series?

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