Some of the best family traditions are made around the holidays, especially at Christmastime. Around our house, there's the trimming of the tree and the watching of classic Christmas movies all while sipping on hot beverages.

Now, if you have kiddos, part of the fun is making a Christmas list for Santa. This tradition has been going on for as long as I can remember. However, long gone are the days you had to mail in your list. According to Country Living, Santa is all about technology and has his own personal hotline number. He loves hearing from boys and girls all over the world. In the United States, the number is (605) 313-4000.

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Santa Using Cell Phone
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The hotline is a completely free service to use. Just simply call the number and wait for Santa to answer with a "Ho, Ho, Ho". Santa says that they're busy "making all of the toys to deliver on Christmas morning". There's also a warning to children to always listen to their parents. At the end of his message, you'll be able to leave him your Christmas list at the tone.

Santa's Hotline is available in 22 time zones and 18 countries so kids all over the world can reach the big man. It's projected that over 10 million families will reach out to Satna this year. Why not make an awesome memory and tradition with your children? I did it for mine and they loved it.

Have you ever wondered what Santa's estate looks like at the North Pole? We've secured all the pictures. Look below and see for yourself.

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