The fall 2014 TV season has been dominated by the arrival of superhero series like 'Gotham,' 'The Flash' and more, and CBS is about to have a 'Super' new addition to the team. Following its initial announcement, the 'Supergirl' TV series has officially landed at CBS with a full series commitment, focusing on the tale of Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin.

Where previously the DC drama was thought to eschew the 'Supergirl' title or potentially incorporate a new take on the character, reports across the board suggest that the series will indeed follow Kara Zor-El, depicted in DC comics for decades as the more prominent iteration of the character. 'Arrow' producer Greg Berlanti and 'No Ordinary Family''s Ali Adler will write the script and executive produce the hourlong drama through Berlanti Productions' Warner Bros. Television-based banner, with Sarah Schecter also executive producing.

Here's how CBS describes the 'Supergirl' TV series:

Based on the DC Comics character, the drama tells the story of Kara Zor-El, who was born on the planet Krypton, but escaped amid its destruction years ago. Since arriving on Earth, she’s been hiding the powers she shares with her famous cousin Superman. But now, at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.

As with DC’s approach to movies and TV thus far, the new 'Supergirl' series will likely establish its own independent continuity, outside of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ or the inevitable ‘Justice League‘ movie. Not only that, but as ‘Gotham‘ works around any actual incorporation of the Batman character, we wouldn’t be surprised if the new Supergirl series keeps Superman mostly out of the picture, for simplicity's sake.

Well, what do you think? Is 'Supergirl' the last straw on the DC TV camel's back? Will you check out CBS' version of Kara Zor-El, now that she has her own series confirmed for 2015? Who should suit up for the role, after Laura Vandervoort portrayed the character in 'Smallville'?

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