John Belushi

Miles Teller to Play Dan Aykroyd in John Belushi Biopic
Miles Teller has been picking up steam lately with roles in 'The Spectacular Now' and 'Whiplash,' which opened the festivities at this week's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. And right on the heels of that premiere comes word of Teller's latest role: playing comedy icon Dan Aykroyd in the upcoming John Belushi biopic, starring Emile Hirsch. At least that's what Hirsch says.
Emile Hirsch to Star as John Belushi in Upcoming Biopic
It's no easy task casting the role of an iconic star for a biopic, but we think this choice might be pretty inspired. We learned last week that a biopic on the life of comedic actor John Belushi is in the works, with Emile Hirsch, Joaquin Phoenix and 'Girls' star Adam Driver's names being tossed around. And today we've gotten confirmation that Hirsch has been chosen to take the lead in the upcomin
Dan Aykroyd Trying To Bring ‘Blues Brothers’ To TV [VIDEO]
Dan Aykroyd is on a quest to bring the Blues Brothers to the small screen.  Along with John Belushi's wife Judy, he is pitching network executives to revive the franchise as a possible tv series.  Judy Belushi owns the rights to her departed husband's half of the franchise. In  a statement to Variety magazine Judy said, 'I think these are great American characters.  We want to keep them alive.  We