Taylor Swift closed out 2012 by setting more records and picking up more honors and awards. At years end the 'Red' superstar was not only the youngest, she was also the most charitable celebrity in America. Swift puts her money where her heart is mostly in music. One of Taylor's single largest donations was to Country Music Hall of Fame (CMHOF) to the tune of four million dollars to help the CMHOF spread the music.

Do Something.org listed the top 20 most charitable celebrities and Miss Swift is in good company, with names like Drew Brees, Carrie Underwood, Ryan Seacrest, Ben Affleck, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus . While Taylor was not the youngest on the list, she was the youngest to ever be named "The Most Charitable Celebrity."

In late November, Taylor Swift was recognized  as the youngest person to ever receive the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for her charity work too. While the 23 year old may have been recognized for the Ripple award, she lost out for the lead role in the movie 'Les Miserables,' she's managed to picked up a couple of other honors before closing out 2012. Taylor's song, 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' was also picked to be in the running for a Grammy for 'Best Song Of The Year.'

If 2012 was any indication of Taylor Swift's growing success, get ready for more record setting, award winning and honors taking from a very ambitious 23 year old from Nashville, Tennessee in 2013.

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