If you live in Abilene, you know you don't mess with trains. They win every time. It's amazing how many times I've seen people go around the crossing bars on our tracks when they 'malfunction'. It's a chance you just don't want to take.

In Des Moines, Iowa last week, a 17-year old intoxicated youth passed out on the train tracks, was run over, and lives to tell. The teen, Christian Latshaw was lucky enough to be between the rails.

Police said that the train engineer saw something lying on the tracks and realized it was a person. He hit the emergency brake, but the engine and one car rolled over the kid's body. He escaped with two cuts to his head, and a cut on his thigh.

That literally NEVER happens. The railroad is pressing charges for trespassing, and the cops have filed pubic intoxication charges. Unfortunately there is still no law against stupidity. (via AP.org)

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