A 22-year-old named Jared Michael Frank from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada made the news last week when he posted a video on YouTube...of him being kicked in the HEAD.

Jared was in Peru and trying to take a video of himself next to a passing train. But he was REALLY close to the tracks, and as the train went by, the conductor stuck out his leg and KICKED Jared in the head.  Not cool...but he MAY have been trying to save Jared from getting hit.

Anyway, the YouTube video was only 10 seconds long, but it was pretty great...and has already racked up around 24 MILLION views.  And that could be enough to pay for Jared's life for several years.

Between YouTube ad revenue and companies reaching out to Jared for licensing deals, he could potentially earn up to $250,000 from the video.

He says he wants to use the money to pay for the Peru trip and to go to film school.  Where, ironically, he will most likely never produce anything as popular or famous as a 10-second clip of him taking a foot to the head.

(CBC / Gawker)

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