A Texas DPS Trooper is apparently facing disciplinary action for allegedly pulling over Dallas Cowboy running back, Christine Michael this past Sunday for nothing more than to get a photo with him.

Michael, who is a former Texas A&M football star, said he thought it was bizarre when he was pulled over by the trooper.  He was then asked if he would take a photo with the trooper, which was then posted on his Instagram account.

According to a Texas DPS spokesperson, the trooper pulled Michael over for tinted glass on his vehicle that was over regulation on his black Bentley. However, on the photo of the encounter that he uploaded to his Instagram account, Michael claimed he was pulled over "just to take a picture."

Corrective action in the form of a procedural review will take place, according to Sg.t Lonny Haschel with the Texas DPS.  He also added that the trooper in question "realized his error in judgement and has apologized for the event."

What do you think? Should the trooper receive formal discipline over this incident?

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