If you're traveling, there are some wonderful places in the Lone Star State to see.

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However, there are also areas that you probably wouldn't want to spend time in, and according to a new list, three of the worst cities in the nation to visit are located in Texas. Let's take a closer look at these places.

Worst Cities in the US to Visit

Personal finance site mindyourdollars.com just dropped a new list of the 40 worst cities in the United States to visit, based on crime rates and other factors including recent events. Three of those cities are in Texas, and one of them will probably surprise you.

Worst Cities in Texas to Visit

Houston has high personal and property crime rates, which is certainly something to consider when planning a road trip around Texas. The traffic is also pretty notorious in the area as well. According to the Houston Chronicle, out of the five largest cities in the state, Houston had the most traffic deaths in 2021.

The high fatality traffic is a major drawback, but if you like to see people twerking in a traffic jam, this is your city.

Houston's wild weather has also been an issue, especially in the last few years.

Did You Know Texas Has a Barbed Wire Museum?

McLean, Texas is the second city making the mindyourdollars.com list of places to avoid while traveling in the United States.

The main attraction in the town is the Devil's Rope & Route 66 Museum, and while that will keep barbed wire enthusiasts busy, there’s not much else. It's not exactly a booming metropolis of excitement otherwise.

According to thetravel.com, this museum is considered one of the worst tourist attractions in America by personal finance site thestreet.com. You can watch this recent video from Strange RV Tours and decide if it's worth your gas money and time:

The Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas is a huge tourist attraction, and that's part of the problem. Overcrowding by drunken, rowdy tourists has made the area one of the 11 worst tourist traps in Texas, according to My San Antonio.


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The Most Dangerous City in Texas for 2022 May Surprise You

According to FBI statistics, Texas had 438 violent crimes and 2,562 property crimes per 100,000 residents as of this year. For every 100,000 residents, there are 224 police officers statewide.

Crime rates are expressed as the number of incidents per 100,000 people.

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