There's a new site for Friday Night Lights in Melissa, Texas. Its high school has proudly unveiled its brand-new football stadium, with its staggering price tag of $35 million. The news of this impressive facility has already spread across the internet. There are viral photos spotlighting not only the stadium itself but also a state-of-the-art indoor practice facility.

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In a news article from WFAA, Melissa High School is set to provide students and athletes with a top-notch sporting experience. Stadiums sure have come a long way since my days going to games in high school.


Photo: WFAA/Youtube
Photo: WFAA/Youtube

This looks to be one gorgeous stadium, a testament to the school's commitment to its athletes. With this kind of price tag, Melissa ISD is clearly dedicated to its sports program. This stadium is set to be a hub of excitement for both players and fans.

The viral photos of the stadium capture the planning and attention to detail that have gone into its construction. The stadium has a modern design, ample seating capacity, and top-tier amenities that are sure to take the game-day experience to a whole new level.

Check out drone footage of the stadium courtesy of WFAA's Youtube channel.

Melissa High School's new 35-million-dollar football stadium and indoor practice facility show the school's commitment to both its sports program and its students. As students and athletes step onto the field this year, they'll also be stepping into some unforgettable experiences.

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