The Texas rent relief program definitely had a lot of people excited about the idea of getting some much needed help paying their utilities and rent as they worked to get back on their feet during this time of financial hardship. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they anticipated just how many Texans needed a helping hand.

KXAN reports that just 52 hours after Texas opened up the application for rent relief, the state was forced to shut down the portal due to extraordinary high demands. There were more than 100,000 applications on the first day alone.

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What does this mean for the Texans who are trying to make ends meet and keep a roof over their heads during this time of inflation, supply chain problems, and ridiculously high grocery bills?

As of right now, there is no word that the Texas rent relief program will be opening back up any time soon. That means Texans will be turning to alternative organizations for the help they need.

There are so many organizations out there though, and a quick Google search can find most but not all of them.

If your family is in need of help, one place to start is by dialing 2-1-1 or visiting The function of 2-1-1 Texas is to help you connect with services that may be able to provide you with help and relief. Their website lists dozens of areas in which they can try to help you out.

The United Way is another resource you can tap in your community. You can also reach out to your local food banks to at least get some help with food costs.

If you're a church goin' person or a part of any religious community, don't be shy about asking your pastor or other religious leader about any help they might be able to provide or point you to. Asking for help can be difficult, especially for proud people like Texans, but your spiritual community should be a support network in times of crisis.

These are times of trouble and turbulence, but we can and will get through them together.

If the Texas Rent Relief portal opens again, I'll be sure to give you a heads-up. In the meantime, stay strong.


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