The Abilene Zoo got a new member last week. A new baby steenbok antelope was born at the Abilene Zoo. This species of antelope inhabits most of southern Africa.

While the new fur baby is not yet visible to the public (and may not be until early 2022), the incredibly cute newest member of the Abilene Zoo family was born on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

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While the Abilene Zoo family welcomed the new female steenbok. The Abilene Zoo caretakers are a bit concerned because she weighed less than two pounds, but one must take into consideration that an adult steenbok grows up to weigh not much over twenty-eight pounds total.

The New Female Steenbok Antelope Is Being Hand-Fed Currently

The Abilene Zoo's medical care team is currently hand-raising this delicate baby antelope. The zoo staff says they're hand-feeding the steenbok because it did not start nursing on its own immediately.

Fast-forward to today, the baby steenbok is now feeding normally and will be closely monitored to guarantee she continues growing normally, as seen in the video below.

The Abilene Zoo's Senior Veterinarian says "We are going to ensure she is receiving<br />the proper nutrition," said Dr. Stephanie Carle, Senior Veterinarian. “She is gaining<br />weight and growing and we are pleased with her development.”

The Abilene Zoo’s care team and veterinarians are hoping to reunite the baby steenbok with her mother shortly after the first of the year. Abilene Zoo Supervisor Clayton Carabajal said that "while the new baby is not yet available to be the public we will keep the public updated with pictures and videos from time to time."

Christmas did come early as the Abilene Zoo is preparing for their Christmas Celebration from December 17th through the 23rd.

Photo by: Cay Carabajal-Abilene Zoo
Photo by: Clayton Carabajal-Abilene Zoo

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