The Pittsburgh Steelers have been absolutely superstitious about defensive end Brett Keisel's beard. 'The Beard' took on a life of its own as the Steelers progressed through the playoffs all the way to the Super Bowl.

Much of the team believed the monstrous growth of facial hair had mystical powers and was at the very least a good luck charm.


T-shirts were made that read 'Fear The Beard' with pictures of Keisel's mug in full color.

Now that the magic is gone, so to speak, the beard is getting shorn. But some hirsute powers remain. The beard will go to charity, literally.

On February 24th, an event is being held at a cost of $25 per ticket to witness the shave. All proceeds will go to to a children's cancer hospital. There's even a mystery celebrity barber who will do the cutting honors.

On top of the that, patrons can buy a 'priceless' lock of the beard itself that come with a before and after picture of Keisel. Again, proceeds to a worthy charity. I think it's pretty cool myself. You can see more detail here at .

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