The search for Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamster union boss who was purportedly murdered by the Mafia in 1975, still flares up from time to time — even though Hoffa was declared legally dead, absent his body, in 1982. It seems that good ol’ Jimmy just doesn’t want to go away: authorities thought his body might be in a field outside of Detroit. Nope...he's not there either.

The FBI looked and looked, but nothing turned up. So, they called off the search of a field where a tipster insisted he was buried alive.

One "source" says they should call off all present and future searches for Hoffa...since his body was stuffed in a wood chipper. Ewwww!

There are tons of legends surrounding the disappearance of Hoffa. Some folks even believe the controversial figure might be still alive, that his enemies didn’t dispatch him after all. That being said, whenever the powers that be receive a credible tip about where his remains are, they usually investigate.

Even if a corpse doesn’t turn up, this episode certainly adds yet another chapter in the story of the strange disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

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