As the holiday season in Texas draws near, excitement fills the air with all kinds of gifts and online shopping deals. But beware, this special time also brings a less welcome guest: porch pirates. These thieves snatch up packages left at doorsteps, turning a season of giving into a season of loss.

According to Forbes, porch piracy is on the rise again this year. Mainly due to the increasing popularity of online shopping. But fear not. With some smart strategies, you can protect your packages and keep the holiday spirit intact.



Be Proactive with Tracking and Scheduling

Stay ahead of things by tracking your deliveries. Most courier services offer tracking options, allowing you to know exactly when your package is due to arrive. If possible, schedule deliveries for times you'll be home.

Utilize Secure Delivery Options

Consider using secure delivery alternatives. Many companies have locker services where you can pick up your packages at a convenient and secure location. Another tip is to have your items delivered to your workplace or to a trusted neighbor who will be home to receive them.


Invest in Home Security

A visible home security system can be a strong defense against porch pirates. Security cameras, especially those with motion detection, not only discourage bad guys but also help in identifying any culprits.

Embrace the Power of Community

A watchful community is also key. Talking with your neighbors and setting up a watch system can be a great way to keep an eye out for each other's deliveries.

As the holiday season rolls in, these steps can help minimize the risk of falling victim to porch pirates. It's very real and happened to a friend of mine just last week. That's why I felt it important to get the information out there. Be alert so that you can enjoy a festive, worry-free holiday season.

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