The holiday gift-buying season is officially underway. For many of us, that means hopping online to find the perfect gift. The rising popularity of online marketplaces and rapid delivery services make things easy nowadays. It's all about convenience.

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Unfortunately, that's sometimes where the satisfaction can end. In today's world, just because you ordered an item to be delivered, doesn't mean you'll actually receive it. The bad guys are out there. Thieves, also known as "porch pirates", can drain the joy right out of your gift-giving. Internet searches for "stolen packages" have nearly doubled in the past five years.

According to the Better Business Bureau, there are steps you can take to help deter the porch pirates. The following precautions can help save you time and most of all, money.


Photo: Getty Images/Canva
Photo: Getty Images/Canva

Don't Leave Packages Unattended

Try to not leave packages on your porch for long periods of time. If you're expecting a delivery, see if you can schedule it for when you are home.

Check With Neighbors First

The truth is your delivery may not be missing at all. It could be at a neighboring home, dropped off there by mistake. The good news is that many delivery services now offer pictures of your packages once delivered, allowing you to confirm with neighbors.

Ship to a Store

It may not be as convenient as home delivery, but having your item delivered to a physical store nearby could provide some peace of mind. Many retailers require proof of ID before releasing a package.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Require a Signature

Many companies have an option where you can require a signature upon delivery. That way physical ownership can be taken, and the person who signed can be tracked down if needed.

Use a Security Camera

Cameras are easily accessible and affordable nowadays. They're a great way to deter a thief, especially when visibly displayed.

Consider Using a Package-Receiving Service

Many delivery companies offer package-receiving locations that are off-site. You can then access your delivery with a key or access code.

If you fear your package has been stolen, the BBB recommends filing a report with the delivery company and the police department. Learn information on how to avoid scams and even track them should you be approached.

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