Bats are not really the thing you think about when it comes to Texas. I mean, after all, Texas boasts some pretty cool things worth talking about however I can't remember the last time I used the words Texas and bats in a sentence.

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As it turns out Texas is no stranger to bats. In fact, most Texans know that it's quite the spectacle to watch the bats coming in and out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin. But, things go much further than the state capital. Bats blanket nearly the entire state, even as far north as the Texas Panhandle.

This little guy (pictured below) was found in Amarillo Texas. The homeowner claimed it lives behind the television on the patio and eats mosquitos. Smile for the camera.

Photo: Myles Leak/Canva
Photo: Myles Leak/Canva

Not only does Texas have plenty of bats but according to Wildlife Informer, there are 16 different species of bats living amongst us. In Texas alone. Additionally, there really is such a thing as a vampire bat and yes, you'll find them in Texas too.

So, grab some garlic and a wooden stake as we take a look at the top 10 species of bats in Texas.

Top 10 Species of Bats Living Right Here in Texas

It's a batty world out there, especially in Texas. The above are only some of the species you'll find in the state. Others not pictured include:

Mexican Long-Nosed Bat
Big Free-Tailed Bat
Cave Myotis
Hoary Bat
Western Red Bat
Northern Yellow Bat

It's true, that some bats take up home in abandoned buildings but what if the building is haunted? Well, that's just extra creepy. Keep scrolling to check such a location. It's said to be the most haunted located in the world.

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